The Guidebook should be your first stop when joining the roleplay. Here, you can find all the important information needed to join our roleplay, such as our rules, plot, history, setting, lore, and FAQ's. Threads on this board can be updated frequently based on the needs of the roleplay, so please be sure to check back frequently. If any major changes are made, staff will post an announcement in our Announcements board and in Discord to ensure everyone is aware of the changes.

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Character Center

The Character Center is your one-stop-shop for everything relating to characters and character creation. Here, you can find our Character Creation Guide, the Hybrid & Human character forms, all current characters, NPC's, and Canons. Characters must be accepted by a staff member before joining the roleplay, however, non-accepted characters can still be played in the Quick Roleplay & Fics board.

Sub-boards: Hybrid Character Applications, Human Character Applications, Canons

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Here you will find any important announcements related to the site or the roleplay. These announcements will usually also be posted in our Discord to ensure everyone is aware of them.

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In Character

The Notice Board

The Notice Board is where open threads can be posted to invite others to join. Staff may also use this board for threads that further the overall plot along.

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Rāzna National Park

Rāzna National Park is a national park in the Latgale region of Latvia, a two-hour drive (about 185km or 114mi) away from Dr. Merwin's newest laboratory. Covering an area of 532km², this park is where a small community of hybrids calls home. Ever since the U.S. government purchased this national park, a large wall has been constructed to keep the hybrids in and civilians out, secluding them from the real world.

Sub-boards: Andrupene Village, The Forest, The Great Linden Hill, Lake Rāzna, The Outer Wall

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Dr. Merwin's Laboratory

After his government-funded facility in the United States was shut down, the Smiltene Red Cross Hospital in Smiltene, Latvia was purchased to serve as the new facility for the creation and testing of human-animal hybrids. The laboratory has the main level, the basement, and the sub-basement.

Sub-boards: Hybrid Housing, Solitary Confinement, Testing Rooms, Training Rooms, Break Rooms & Cafeteria

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The Town of Valka

A 35-minute drive (about 45km or 27mi) from the laboratory in Smiltene lies the town of Valka, where most of the laboratory workers call home. Valka is a town and municipality in northern Latvia, on the border with Estonia along both banks of the river Pedele. Valka and the Estonian town Valga are twins, separated by the Estonian/Latvian border but using the slogan "One Town, Two Countries".

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Quick RP & Fics

Our Quick RP & Fics board is for those who want to play their character in the Merwin universe, or outside of it, in Canon and Non-Canon threads. These threads do not continue the main storylines in the main threads and may be used just to explore the character more, or post shorter or quicker threads while you wait on responses for your main threads. Members whose characters have not yet been accepted can also post here while they wait for approval.

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Out of Character

Out of Character

You can talk about anything here! You can play games, post your art, talk about the last show you watched, or whatever you want. You can also find the Plotting & Want Ads board to plot out character relationships or storylines. Please be sure to adhere to our rules and the ProBoards community guidelines.

Sub-boards: The Art Gallery, Plotting & Want Ads

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Advertisement Board

Any advertisements for other sites can be posted here. You will find a board for First Time ads, Link Back ads, as well as our Affiliates thread. Please be sure to read our advertisement and affiliation rules before posting.

Sub-boards: First Link, Link Back, Affiliate

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